2017 Highlights – A milestone in our story….

January 19, 2018

The 2017 Wedding season has been a long one. Emotional and rewarding the summer of  2017 weddings had some amazing venue’s and locations.

The Love of a wedding day is intense. Cyprus offers so many reason’s to tie the knot here.  Aphrodite, the goddess of love graces the Cyprus history and many spot’s around the island have affiliation to her, making Cyprus the Island of Love.

With such history and potent amounts of love and passion on our doorstep it’s no wonder we are so thirsty and enthusiastic to capture all of this with our wedding couples, their family and friends.

Our team love what they do and give everything when doing it. As we like to say Enthusiasm and love are contagious – let us infect you. Along with the amazing team at www.paphosweddingsmadeeasy.com

Many photographers like to have their style labelled. Photojournalistic, natural, classic, bespoke the list is endless. Maybe you would like to label ours,  we just try to be new, fresh and spontaneous, each day we think , can I be better than yesterday?

Here is a little of what we created in 2017. Enjoy and drop us a contact if you would like us to share in your own little piece of Cyprus history and love story.

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